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English World

English World is the first-ever ten-level integrated print and digital course for primary and secondary schools.

  • Active whole class learning is supported by vibrant posters and interactive activities on the DVD-ROM.
  • Innovative Teacher’s DVD-ROM for each level, the perfect tool to complement the English World print materials and enhance the pupils’ learning experience.
  • Activities can be teacher-led on an Interactive Whiteboard or projector, or used interactively with the pupils.
  • Teacher training videos show teachers how to integrate the digital components of English World with the print material.
  • Test builder creates customized printable tests for all levels
  • Videos of real teachers using English World in the classroom give a practical demonstration of how to teach with English world, and invaluable tips for classroom management

For use in class

  • Animated posters make the dialogues come alive and provide a springboard to the Pupil’s Book pages
  • Filmed dialogues from the Grammar in conversation section provide an authentic model for pairwork
  • In the interactive phonics feature, children progress from individual sounds to blends to whole words
  • The interactive dictionary with audio is invaluable for pronunciation practice
  • Singalong versions of the English World songs bring learning fun to the classroom
  • The writing feature which comes with an interactive pen tool, can be used to provide a model for individual writing, preparing compositions in class, correcting work and many other activities